Peridot, along with a lesser-known material called sardonyx, has been the official birthstones for August since 1912. As our store is located in beautiful Prescott, Arizona we are proud to offer Arizona peridot. This material is mined on the San Carlos reservation, in the southeastern part of the state. We also stock peridot mined in other parts of the world as well. 

Peridot is a green gemstone, which forms through volcanic activity and has been found throughout the ages in areas where volcanoes are or once were. The colors of peridot range from a bright lime green to a richer olive green color. Anne Lamerson cut many of our peridots and we have a wide selction of unmounted gems. Loose peridots are ready to set in a mounting of your choice, with thousands of styles available to choose from or have a custom creation made just for you or that special someone. 

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Olive green Arizona Peridot, cut by Anne Lamerson